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6th International Symposium – Acupuncture Update: Mechanisms and Clinical Evidence

The Institute for Complementary and Integrative Medicine, UniversityHospital Zurich, invites colleagues and friends to its 6th International Symposium on Thursday, October 18th, 2018 in Zurich. The subject is "Acupuncture Update: Mechanisms and Clinical Evidence". Participation at the conference is free.

This year’s symposium will focus on acupuncture research. Acupuncture treatment is widely available in Switzerland and depending on the type of provider treatments can be reimbursed within the basic insurance or additional insurances. Evidence plays a key role, when it comes to integration of complementary medicine treatments into usual medical care.

At this year’s Symposium "Acupuncture Update: Mechanisms and Clinical Evidence" international renowned experts from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland will provide an update on recent research results on mechanisms and clinical evidence of acupuncture.

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